Morning Affirmations

Screenshot of Morning Affirmation project. Black text circles around a yellow circle saying "Life is tough but so are you".
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"Morning Affirmations" is a motion animation project that explores the interplay between typography and sound to evoke specific emotions. Designed to capture the serene essence of early mornings, complete with birdsong and soothing lo-fi music, it offers Instagram users a relaxing video to kickstart their day.

Texture played a pivotal role in this project, adding a nostalgic and tactile dimension to the digital realm, a trend that resonates with today's social media audience. This tactile quality contributes to the project's resonance in a digital landscape.

The inspiration stemmed from a close friend who regularly shared inspirational messages on social media during my university days. Witnessing the positive impact these messages had on my own day sparked the desire to extend that positivity to a broader audience. I came up with my own unique affirmations as well as finding some new favourites from the internet and created a playful experience.

By fusing design, sound, and the digital platform, "Morning Affirmations" is a testament to the potential of art and creativity to brighten lives, especially in the fast-paced world of social media. It's a reminder of the ripple effect small, thoughtful gestures can have on our daily experiences.

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