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During my time at Student Price Card (SPC), I served as a designer and the primary motion designer, playing a crucial role in various successful marketing campaigns. Notable projects included the 2021 "Nailed It" Holiday Campaign and SPC's 30th Birthday celebration, along with partner campaigns, SPC+ | CIBC initiatives, and monthly collections.

My work involved sourcing images and textures of young adults from stock platforms and creating design concepts for both social media and the SPC website. After review by the Marketing Manager, I refined web and social media assets, planned animations, and designed email marketing materials for brand consistency. As the primary motion designer, I also created animations using other designer's concepts and often went back to source additional stock assets to create a more intentional motion design.

My designs and animations significantly boosted membership acquisitions, improved click-through rates on social media ads, and increased partner purchases among younger audiences. Notably, the Back to School campaign attracted over 55,000 entries and enticed over 8,000 students to join, while the Holiday campaign achieved remarkable engagement, with collections receiving 50-530% more interaction, making the Boxing Week collection the third most clicked collection ever.

Beyond daily tasks, I collaborated on brand guidelines and created printed materials for retail use. I also conducted an accessibility audit for the SPC website, proposing solutions for potential issues in future developments.

My role was pivotal in enhancing engagement, driving campaign success, and contributing to brand growth and accessibility improvements at SPC.

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