U of T's ObGyn Self Study Report

ObGyn Self Study report open to multiple spreads.
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U of T Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
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Collaborating with the Obstetrics and Gynaecology department at the University of Toronto was a fulfilling project. Our goal was to transform their 10-year report from a basic text document and tables of data into an elegant coffee table-style book, designed to be both print and digital-friendly.

I started by creating an accessible colour palette that adhered to AODA guidelines while maintaining visual appeal. This palette formed the foundation for the book's design concept. The layout concept I designed embraced these beautiful colours and featured rich imagery, effectively showcasing the department's divisions, staff, and residents. The book consisted of 12 sections, each adopting a unique colour from the palette I crafted. To trace the department's evolution, we included a historical timeline dating back to 1843.

To add a personal touch and diverse perspectives, anecdotes from residents and staff were incorporated, revealing the human aspect of the department's growth over the past decade. Additionally, I created custom infographics highlighting the dedicated staff and provided "at a glance" data for each division, offering quick and informative overviews.

This project exemplified Green Living Enterprises and my ability to combine aesthetics with informative content. The result was a visually engaging book that not only captured the department's rich history but also celebrated its dedicated team. The ObGyn department was thrilled with the final design, commending its uniqueness. It was an honour to work on a project that brought the department's story to life in an elegant and informative manner.

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Cover for the ObGyn department at U of T's 2022 Self-Study report, featuring a colourful image of a U of T building with a white frame
Closeup of an inside spread showing typographic layout details
2 side-by-side spreads featuring the "History" timeline of the department
Close up detailed view at a section cover spread.
Bird's eye view of an inside spread which features multiple charts and data segments.
CLose up view of an infographic showing data for the REI divion of the ObGyn department.
Bird's eye view of over 20 spreads from the iside of the book report showing many different layouts and designs

First of all: this is a thing of beauty. THANK YOU. We send this report on to our external reviewers with great pride.

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