B Lab Champions Retreat

The Franklin Institute in Philadephia at night with 5 B Corp branded banners hanging out front.
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For B Lab's 2022 Champions Retreat, I had the responsibility of designing and templating various elements for the event. This year's theme, "Humanity @ Work," aimed to address racial equity, climate justice, and a stakeholder-driven economic system. The event took place at multiple locations in Philadelphia, including the Loews Hotel, Franklin Institute, and MaKen North.

My role involved designing nearly 150 unique pieces of signage, all printed on 100% recyclable Falconboard. These signs were strategically positioned across the event spaces, along with digital materials I created for exhibition on screens throughout the venues and other marketing assets to promote the event. In order to highlight even more diversity in the event assets, I expanded the event branding by finding additional pictures of diverse individuals to incorporate into the designs. In the month leading up to the event, I optimized template files and utilized design software automation, which significantly reduced my workload and minimized the margin of error during revisions.

The success of this event was remarkable, leading to the announcement that the next conference in 2024 would be held in Vancouver. Green Living is once again set to lead the design and event organizing efforts, marking a significant achievement for our team. This project exemplified our ability to support B Lab's mission of transforming the global economy for the better and mobilizing people for positive change. It was a testament to our commitment to sustainability, efficiency, and innovation in graphic design and event coordination.

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Digital banner inside Franklin Institute.
A woman admiring the selection of B Corp Marketplace Items with a nearby sign
Signs at the entrance of the Franklin Institute welcoming guests to the opening ceremony
A man interacts with a whiteboard
Key speaker on stage with designed powerpoint presentation in the background
Banners in Loews Hotel
Key speaker on stage with designed powerpoint presentation in the background
Marketplace sign with items
4 coworkers take photos in front of the Humanity @ Work photobooth backdrop
Inspirational sign on tabletop
Inspirational sign on tabletop

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