Once Upon a Winters

Three phones on an orange background show the event's Instagram AR filter, a custom-made "this or that" form, as well as a "head leaders are coming" highlight.
Winters College
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As a Head Leader for the Media team, I was in charge of designing various assets for the virtual frosh event. Duties included creating Instagram filters, posts, stories, and managing the account, Website design, photography, and many more. During our frosh event, we wanted to make sure that incoming students were made welcome by ensuring an accessible and inclusive environment. Gender neutral language, and inclusive language was used throughout the week which extended to the messaging in our promotional materials and social media posts which were complete with alt text.

To enrich the virtual frosh experience, we created a discord server with custom emotes which evolved as the week went on with new inside jokes to engage the frosh. Constantly adapting our branding and digital strategy to engage with our audience.

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