SPC Back to Cool

Screenshot of an Instagram feed post for the project. Paper cut out images of the prizing surround the words "Join SPC Now" in black text with purple accents.
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Student Price Card is a Canadian student loyalty discount program which offers discounts and deals on items such as fashion, food, shoes, and travel and more to Canadian high school and university students.

The 2021 Back to School campaign featured 6 weeks of giveaways giving over 30K in prizing from fashion sprees, gaming accesories, travel vouchers, "Netflix and chill" packs, a Peloton, to straight up cash. The campaign aimed to both reward it's current members, as well as entice new students to join SPC. A series of web banners for the SPC website as well as various Instagram and other social media marketing tactics were used to reach new audiences. The campaign was successful in acquiring over 55,000 entries and enticing over 8,000 students to join the program.

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